Data Center Design and Build

Data Center Design Build Process

Over many years CTL has developed a proven project process to plan, design, and build data centers, computer rooms, and server rooms. The process includes comprehensive array of services geared to design, build, commission, monitor, manage, operate, and maintain mission critical facilities, such as data centers, computer rooms, server rooms, and network operations centers.

Through experience we have developed this Data Center Facility Project Process which allows us to repeatedly deliver within schedule, scope and budget.

CTL' eleven step progression of the data center project process is shown in the diagram at left.

Typically, the initial four project phases are bundled as Planning & Feasibility. This allows CTL to project the true requirements for new data center design and re-design of existing facilities. Key Design Criteria, or "Needs", includes establishing load, availability, and deployment density design criteria. From there, CTL performs a comprehensive Site Survey to establish existing conditions and facility constraints.

CTL process is driven by one integrated team, eliminating the need for a hand-off of the project, thus your goals getting lost in execution. CTL combines this process with over 20 years of global experience in the planning, designing, building and commissioning of over 500 various projects. The result is a team and process that truly understands your business-the IT requirements that serve the business coupled with the design and construction details that must occur to make the requirements a reality. Nothing gets lost in the translation and the outcome is a high-quality Data Center delivered under an accelerated schedule.