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Whether you are looking for a digital EPABX solution or an advanced VoIP solution, our Technical design team can help you in designing and implementing the right solution for your business needs. Digital designs integrate and install flexible, reliable and futuristic business phone systems from the world leaders in networking and voice communication technology, that can combine VoIP, IP Trunking, IP telephony, wireless phones, digital and analog ports into a single platform, enabling you to choose a cost effective traditional telephone system, IP telephony, or a combination of both, according to your business needs.

  • PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange)
  • EPABX (Electronics Private Automatic Branch Exchange):
  • PNX (Packet Network Exchange): A communication-switching platform that combines PBX and VOIP functionalities.
  • KTS (Key Telephone System): KTS are generally smaller versions of a PBX that provides direct access to CO telephone lines.
  • Voice over IP (VOIP) Solutions

With business VOIP solution in place, there has been a concomitant reduction in the monthly telephony costs of the facilitating organizations. And also customer can enjoy the advanced features like messaging, Video calling, and all related IP enabled features by using the existing LAN, WAN Network.

CTL solutions span the entire spectrum from small business to large enterprise customers. CTL is not only who we are, it’s what we are. CTL delivers customized solutions quickly and affordably. We have a macro-vision understanding and a big company capability, delivered in a more cost-effective and time-sensitive manner than large companies would do. So if you have outgrown your current system, want new features and functionality, or simply need service, contact us today.