Wireless Networks - (Wifi Networks & Hotspots)

CTL provides the most advanced complete solution for WiFi, ranging from access points to cards and security switches.

CTL’s solutions offer customers various benefits :

  • Increased employee productivity
  • Flexibility in working from any where with in your Network
  • Reducing moving and cabling costs
  • Reducing installation and maintenance costs
  • Protecting the client’s existing investments
  • Mobility advantages without compromising security

WLANs continue, over the past few years, to experience phenomenal growth. Today, enterprises are looking to implement Wireless LAN solutions across entire campus facilities, with requirements that include security, manageability and flexibility with seamless roaming. Cost-conscious enterprises are looking for a simple, efficient way to extend their existing wired LAN infrastructure into the wireless environment. But more than connectivity, they want to provide their mobile workers with advanced tools and applications like Telephony, ERP/CRM and Internet/Email access. CTL can provide the complete WiFi solutions according to the client requirement and after doing the site study and based on the survey report.